Fynieas Zef never was one for the farmer’s life. From a young age, he dreamt of one day becoming a fully fledged Knight. Upon his first meeting with Gavin Warwick, that dream became a reality. 

Chronicles of Sevestia follows Fyn and his journey across the Kingdom of Sevestia. With the help of Gavin and a few others, he will stumble onto ancient secrets once believed to only be legends. 

Chapter 011: Uncertainty

When I came to, we were no longer inside the castle walls.I tried to look around, but Bull’s grip was like a vice. I could tell at least we were crouched in the shrubbery outside of the fortress, and the sound of trotting horses echoed from nearby. The second thing I noticed was Gavin’s absence.  … Continue reading Chapter 011: Uncertainty

Chapter 010: Resistance

As the horde closed in, I didn’t notice the two bandits behind us cranking open the steel barred gates. Bull picked me up like a sack of potatoes, Ash hanging from my hair for dear life.  “From here on, you must do exactly as I say, understand?” Gavin was running behind us, the flood of … Continue reading Chapter 010: Resistance

Chapter 009: The Deception

With the majority of the rebellion’s military might injured or fallen in Grave’s assault, only Beatrice and myself were left in fighting shape. Harold chose to ignore my plead, staying behind with the other remaining force. I couldn’t blame him for his decision, but I wasn’t happy about it. If he’d given up on the … Continue reading Chapter 009: The Deception


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