Fynieas Zef never was one for the farmer’s life. From a young age, he dreamt of one day becoming a fully fledged Knight. Upon his first meeting with Gavin Warwick, that dream became a reality. 

Chronicles of Sevestia follows Fyn and his journey across the Kingdom of Sevestia. With the help of Gavin and a few others, he will stumble onto ancient secrets once believed to only be legends. 

Chapter 011: Uncertainty

When I came to, we were no longer inside the castle walls.I tried to look around, but Bull’s grip was like a vice. I could tell at least we were crouched in the shrubbery outside of the fortress, and the sound of trotting horses echoed from nearby. The second thing I noticed was Gavin’s absence.  … Continue reading Chapter 011: Uncertainty

Chapter 010: Resistance

As the horde closed in, I didn’t notice the two bandits behind us cranking open the steel barred gates. Bull picked me up like a sack of potatoes, Ash hanging from my hair for dear life.  “From here on, you must do exactly as I say, understand?” Gavin was running behind us, the flood of … Continue reading Chapter 010: Resistance


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